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Wheels Garage at Israel Railways

Wheels Garage at Israel Railways

The Ephraim Workshop wheels garage project includes demolition of an 800m2 storage building and construction of a new concrete structure with a steel roof. In addition, the project involves upgrading the existing 1,500m2 garage including the supply and installation of cranes and special equipment. A system to reconstruct and renovate train wheels will be installed in the new structure. This system – the first of its kind in Israel – works as an assembly line and has been designed specially for this layout.


Client: Israel Railways Ltd.


Starting Date: April 2011


Delivery Date: July 2013 

Scope of implementation: Approximately 11 million NIS


Location: Israel Railways garages


Current Status:  Foundation works on the external structure,

                          and significantly increased works on the existing

                          garage are finished.


Mode of Execution:

The building is designed conventionally – concrete floor, walls made of pumice panels or block, gallery floor made of prestressed plates, a multilayered roof, a metal coffered ceiling with mineral wool insulation and cladding. Various work will be performed in the courtyard such as paving and storage structure installation.




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