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The company's founder

eliezer shapira  

Eliezer Spira, fourth generation in Israel, was born on September 27, 1924 in the Old City of Jerusalem.

He studied at the Mizrachi Teachers' Seminary and served in the Haganah (the pre-State predecessor of the Israel Defense Forces.) Later he became a munitions officer and a supply officer in the newly established IDF.  

Eliezer first encountered the world of construction as a young man working as a foreman in the British military camps in Kastina and Julis at the close of World War II. At that time he was a civil engineer, having graduated from the British Institute of Engineering (BIET).

From 1947, he worked as a Project Engineer at the Ramet Company. He eventually established and managed Ramet's southern branch in Beersheba. In this capacity, he directed a number of national engineering projects, noteworthy among them are the underground pumping installations near Ramat Raziel for the water line to Jerusalem, 1954-55; five major bridges in the Negev for Israel Railways, 1950s; and the first facility of the Dimona nuclear plant, 1956-58.  

In late 1960 Eliezer became Chief Engineer of the National Company for Engineering in Haifa. NCE built many of the buildings at the Israel Shipyards, including a large-size structure for ship building and a unique facility for ship launching in 1960-62.


Eliezer Spira founded Shura Ltd., a construction and civil engineering company, in 1963 and led the company for 40 years.


»    Eliezer was a member of the Association of Contractors and Builders in Israel. He also served as a consultant to the
       Association's Standard Contract Committee.


»    He was particularly interested in detailed design of formwork for concrete elements and structures, which he enjoyed
      doing for many years.


»    He was a great believer in connecting to what was happening on site. He knew his projects inside out.


»    He was also an innovator, constantly seeking creative and unconventional solutions for engineering problems.


»    In 2003, the Association of Contractors and Builders in Israel presented Eliezer with the "Master Contractor" Award in
       tribute to his 40 years of work on behalf of the Association.




In addition to his professional life, Eliezer had a rich variety of interests and hobbies


He was interested in Israel's geography and history (building a huge library on these subjects and especially on Jerusalem and its architecture), classical music, gardening, wines, and learning languages ​​(in addition to Hebrew he spoke Arabic, Yiddish, English, German, French, and Italian.) 


Eliezer Spira died in Haifa on March 13, 2010 at the age of 85.



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