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The Railcar Garage at Hof Shemen

The Railcar Garage at Hof Shemen

Upgrading and extending a railcar garage at Hof Shemen,

Haifa (120m long)



Client: Israel Railways Ltd.


Supervision: Dana Engineering


Starting Date: September 2004


Delivery Date: May 2006


Scope of the execution, updated to 2010: Approximately 15.5 million NIS


Location: Railway zone, Hof Shemen



Mode of Execution

Work was performed in multiple stages since the compound had to remain active at any given moment. Initially, earthwork and concrete work were carried out in an area remote from the existing garage, gradually moving closer to the existing garage. After this was completed (including columns cast in place), steel construction assembly began including prestressed plates to form the bottom of the external walls. Finally, the roof cladding and the upper part of the walls were assembled. All systems – ventilation and filtration, sanitation, A/C, and electricity – were installed and the area landscaped.



More Details

During the project, at the beginning of the Second Lebanese War, the existing garage was bombed and severely damaged by Hezbollah missiles. This attack killed eight workers and caused much damage to property. In memory of the victims the railway station is now called "Haifa Central - Eight."


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