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Replacement of Lehavot Habashan bridge and Goma bridge

This project is the replacement of two old bridges from the 50's, narrow and one-way traffic, which are located above the eastern canal of the Jordan River, one on road 977 near Kibutz Lehavot Habashan, and the second on road 977 near Goma junction.

The project includes:

Foundations that are made of concrete piles drilled and cast in place

Reinforced concrete abutments and U shaped pre-stressed beams with cast in place concrete slab, retaining walls.

Earthworks and paving in order to improve vertical gradients, and landscaping.

Also, road paving two lanes, including the regulation of access roads along the river, 

Earthworks, and road infrastructure, including scraping and covering road 977 at night, drainage, protection of existing infrastructure,signing, painting, and making traffic relocation, including the installation of appropriate safety accessories. 

Drainage work along the roads, including road drainage.


Client: National Roads Company of Israel


Supervision: TK.S Engineering LTD.


Starting date:10.10.12


Delivery date: December 2013


Scope of implementation: Approximately 24 million NIS


Location: Road 977 near Kibutz Lehavot Habashan

               Road 977 near Goma junction


Current status: Completed and delivered


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