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Renovation work and improving safety at the Fuel Dock in Haifa Port

Renovation work and improving safety at the Fuel Dock in Haifa Port:

Concrete restoration of the pier platform and of the front beam facing the sea using on-site gunned and cast concrete, treatment of expansion joints and bollards, replacing the fire blocking shield at the bottom of the dock, performing concrete condensation of existing cylindrical shields, installing new cylindrical shields and treatment of suspension fixtures, treatment of the drainage system, cathode protection of the fire blocking shield and the drainage pipe.


Client: IPC - Israel Ports Company Ltd.


Supervision: Tahal Company Consulting Engineers Ltd.


Starting date: July 2010


Delivery Date: June 2013


Scope of implementation: Approximately 30 million NIS


Location: Haifa port




Mode of Execution


Work includes demolition of defective concrete, inserting spikes, repair of damaged reinforcement and replacement, gunned concrete and new concrete castings, dismantling fire blocking shield and assembling a new, heavy shield. This project requires special skills since the work – including elements that involve diving – is performed largely in the sea.



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