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Pedestrian Footbridge - Beer Sheva

This footbridge creates a connection between the university and the future Hi-Tech industrial zone. The perforated steel cladding provides a shaded yet well ventilated space to shield the pedestrians from the harsh desert climate.

The bridge achieves its 180 meters span over the city’s train station with only three abutments. This minimal support is made possible by the eye-like shape of the structure.

This eye-like structure is based on a double curve – an idea originated in traditional bridge design. Due to height limitations underneath the bridge, the curve had to be moderate and so another curve was added in the opposite direction in order to strengthen the structure. This creates two eye-like shapes on either side of the footpath. The ‘Eyes’ were then bent towards each other to resist the horizontal forces thereby forming a much more rigid structure. This also results in a dynamic and changing experience for visitors passing through the bridge.


Client: Beer Sheva City Hall


Supervision: Ramon Engineers – Mr. Tali Landsman


Architect: Gidi Bar Orian Architects


Structural Engineering: Rokach-Ashkenazi Engineers &consultants


Starting Date: June 2013


Delivery Date: August 2014


Scope of implementation: Approximately 24 million NIS.


Location: Be’er Sheva


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