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Kibbutz Yifat Culture Center

Kibbutz Yifat Culture Center

The Culture Center at Kibbutz Yifat belongs to the Jezreel Valley Regional Council and serves all local residents. Work on the site included the demolition and removal of seats in the hall, casting a concrete floor and a ramp leading to the stage as well as a multilevel concrete floor (tribunes) for the seating area. We installed new acoustic doors and architectural elements for the walls. In addition, sanitation and fire extinguishing systems were rebuilt. Finishing works included special lighting, floor carpeting, plaster finishing, Zolatone paint work, decorative ceilings and more.


Client: Local Council Jezreel Valley


Supervision: Amir Shiloni Engineering Services Ltd.


Starting Date: January 2002


Delivery Date: March 2003


Scope of Implementation: Approximately 6 million NIS


Location: Kibbutz Yifat




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