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Haruv Bridge over Route 705, Nesher, Haifa

Haruv Bridge over Route 705, Nesher, Haifa

The bridge was built with a slight arch and slopes both length and widthwise. It consists of two edge pillars and a cast pavement on prefabricated channel beams made of reinforced and prestressed concrete. The pavement on the bridge is 7m wide with two sidewalks.



Client: Yefe Nof, Ltd.


Supervision: Shapiro Marcus Engineers Ltd.


Starting Date: February 2000


Delivery Date: March 2003


Scope of Implementation: Approximately 7 million NIS


Location: Road 705 Nesher – Dania



Mode of Execution:

Quarrying work in the rocky cliff. The two edge pillars were founded on concrete rafts across the entire width of the bridge. High edge pillar walls were built, including reinforcing ribs. Neoprene supports were installed and expansion joints were imported. Channel beams made of precast and prestressed concrete were installed. The pavement is cast on membranes and in the cantilever formwork. Metalwork was made for the rails as well as electrical work, development and construction.




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