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Elyakim Interchange Bridge

Elyakim Interchange Bridge

Bridge over Route 70 connecting the road leading to Dalyat El Caramel and the road leading to Elyakim and Kibbutz Dalia


Concrete rafts for all pillars (including the end and middle ones) form the foundation of the bridge. The end pillars are made of bare concrete walls and the middle pillars are placed on elliptical sections. The structure of the top of the bridge is built of AASHTO 6 prefabricated beams (1.92m high and 41m long.) This was the first time this type of beam has been used in Israel. The columns and head beams all have a rounded front and were executed with carpentry-level formwork. Work also involved precast cornices, railings, electrical work and lighting.



Client: Department of Public Works - National Roads Company


Supervision: Department of Public Works - National Roads Company


Starting Date: May 1996


Delivery Date: July 1998


Location: Route 70 Elyakim Interchange




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