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1. About the Company



Pamco Engineering Limited is a company that executes complex geotechnical works requiring engineering skill, advanced equipment and reliable performance.

It is a subsidiary of the well-established company, Shura Ltd., which is a member of Oron Group Investments & Holdings Ltd.

Pamco has recently acquired the experienced trial drilling company, A.F.K Ltd., owned by Mr. Ilan Polak.


Pamco specializes in the following areas of activity:


» Execution of drilling trials to any depth and in any type of soil. Pamco Engineering is capable
   of performing all kinds of borehole tests.


» Performing drills for the purpose of monitoring groundwater quality. Installing piezometers.

   Installation of stainless steel or plastic filters according to planning requirements, extraction pumping.


» Deep drilling (over 100m) to install anodes used to prevent corrosion in fuel tanks and other facilities.


» Making temporary and permanent ground anchors. Producing prestressed and not-prestressed rock


» Loading trials. Static loading trials up to 2,500 tons or more if necessary.

   Dynamic loading trials. Performing Osterberg Cell load tests.


» Monitoring in several areas: load cells to control anchor forces, installing inclinometers,

   measuring stresses at ground depths.


» Providing comprehensive solutions to problems associated with groundwater, including water pumping,

    freezing and injections.


» Geothermic drilling. Shallow geothermic systems (depths of 50-200m) turn the ground into a heat
   exchanger. The ground is a much more efficient heat exchanger than air used in conventional air
   conditioning systems.


» Vertical drains.


 » Other posttensioning works. Pamco Engineering has an agreement with VSL Switzerland to use its

    tensioning method.



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2. Our Staff


Pamco Engineering is managed by Arik Levy, an engineer with extensive experience in complex ground work. The company's technical director is Mr. Ilan Polak, who has 30 years of experience in trial drilling and in research of any type of soil of any depth. The company employs experienced team leaders.


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3. Equipment


Pamco owns:

» Puntel 600 drilling machine.

» Puntel 1000 drilling machine.

» Drilling machine installed on a Comacchio MC-T 450 truck.

» Drilling machine installed on  4*4 truck.

» A variety of other drilling machines, including some very small machines for special jobs in difficult

Pamco Engineering Limited also owns an extensive peripheral equipment enabling drilling in any type of land and at any depth.



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4. Key projects and clients


Pamco Engineering's clients include:


» Dead Sea Works

» Government company for Dead Sea Preservation (Kheli)

» Ministry of Defense

» The Geological Institute

» Land Consultants, hydrologists and geologists, including Blank-Lehrer, David David and Yishai David,

   Uzi Salzman, Zane Dykman, Ron Ben-Ari


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5. A partial list of recently completed projects:


»Grouting and creating a grout curtain at the underground base of Kashimbila Dam on the Banio River in
   Nigeria. A designated equipment was manufactured during these works for the purpose of leugeon

»Geological Institute: survey drilling and piezometer installation in the Dead Sea.

» Herzliya Oxygen Warehouses: oil drills for Gav-Yam Company.

» Jerusalem Printing House: trial drilling experience for Tena Company – Project Management.

» Ministry of Defense: Marine land drilling at Haifa port.

» Jordan star: pumped storage project, trial drilling to a depth of 260m

» Drilling for research observation at Ein Zahav

»Bio-filter Green Neighborhood third stage for the Kfar Saba Water System.

» Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem fast railway line's western portal. 10,000m temporary screws, 884m umbrellas
   17m, drains and fiberglass screws, including injection for grouting the pipe umbrella.

» Drilling survey in the Nuclear Research Center(executed by Ilan Polak). 10 drilling survey overall 200m



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6. Current projects:


»East portal Gilon Tunnel on Acre – Carmiel railway line. Permanent screws, permanent anchors,
  umbrellas, including injections.




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Pamco Engineering Limited


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