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Building 23 (Microsoft) Matam

Building 23 (Microsoft) Matam

This is a four-story, 4,300 m2 building. The ground floor includes an industrial area, the dining room and a kitchen. The core consists of one elevator, two stairways and shafts for the various systems reaching the entire height of the building. The structure wings were designed for open space and divided into rooms by dry walls. Marble slabs of gray and green granite blocks imported from India and Brazil and cut and processed in Israel were used for the front finishing (wet method.) In the second stage, the whole building was clad with aluminum. The finished interior included an A/C system, acoustic ceilings, flooring and the construction of transformer rooms near the building.


Client: Matam 80 Ltd.


Supervision: Avi Melamed Construction Supervision Ltd.


Starting Date: January 1997


Delivery Date: February 1998


Scope of Implementation: Approximately 15 million NIS


Location: Matam Park, Haifa



Additional Information:

The structure includes a unique beam, 1.28 m high and 17 cm wide, made by special mold casting and located 20m in front of the building.




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