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Bridge over Sha'ar Ephraim – Trans-Israel Highway

Bridge over Sha'ar Ephraim – Trans-Israel Highway

Bridge No. 21 over Route 6, the Trans-Israel Highway, connecting Taybeh to Kalansua.

The bridge – 120m long and 60m wide – is mounted on foundation piles and massive pole heads. The end and mid-pillars are made of bare concrete while the main transverse beams were cast on site along with "channel" prefabricated beams. The pavement was also cast on site on membranes produced at an on-site prefabricating plant and the channels were closed with lost wood formwork. The ​​pavement shoulders were cast on top of steel formwork attached to extremely long joists. The 800m³ pavement was unusually cast in one cast without any seams – work began at 05:00 and ended at night, with about 30 people involved in the casting. The work included pre-pavement helicopter leveling in preparation for the sealing system. Three concrete pumps raised the concrete to pavement level and another pump was in standby mode.

It only took 10 months to complete the project.



Client: Danya Cebus


Supervision: Geokom


Starting Date: May 2002


Delivery Date: April 2003


Scope of implementation: Approximately 4 million NIS


Location: Over Route 6 between Taybeh and Kalansua




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