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Bridge over Nahal Zipori on Deshanim Route 772

Bridge over Nahal Zipori on Deshanim Route 772

In its final form, the bridge is designed as two adjacent and parallel bridges, each carrying two lanes of traffic and shoulders. The bridges are detached from each other but share edge piles (at both ends.) Within the scope of the current project, the western bridge will be completed together with the end piles for both bridges, and we will lay foundations for the middle part of the eastern bridge.


Client: Yefe Nof Ltd.


Supervision: A. Epstein Engineers Ltd.


Starting Date: April 2011


Delivery Date: Mai 2013 

Scope of implementation: Approximately 30 million NIS


Location: Route 772 Deshanim (Haifa Bay)


Current Status: Western bridge is completed.  

Mode of Execution:

There is groundwater in the area so it was necessary to pump before starting the work. The work included drilling vertical foundation piles, reinforced concrete work for all bridge components, supply and assembly of transverse beams (pre-fab) and lengthwise beams (prestressed), metal work for safety rails, installing elastomeric braces, expansion joints and more. The bridge spans Nahal Zipori, a nature reserve, so we must also protect the river and its surroundings.




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