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Bridge over Nahal Kti'a, Road 705, Nesher, Haifa

Bridge over Nahal Kti'a, Road 705, Nesher, Haifa

The bridge is divided into two distinct sections with 3m between them. One section bears the ascending road and the other the descending road. Each section is comprised of two lanes and a parking shoulder. The bridge is in a substantial arch and sloped both length and widthwise. Each bridge is comprised of two end poles, two middle poles and a cast pavement installed on reverse T-shape beams.



Client: Yefe Nof, Ltd.


Supervision: Marcus Shapiro Engineers Ltd.


Starting Date: July 2000


Delivery Date: June 2002


Scope of implementation: Approximately 8 million NIS


Location: Route 705, Nesher



Mode of Execution:

Quarrying and excavation works, reinforced concrete cast on site, including edge pillars cast in the form of a support wall and octagonal middle pillars. Main transverse beams and the longitudinal beams of a reverse T-shape were laid in place. Pavement works included installing access plates, sealing, installing neoprene supports, expansion joints, metal work for the rails, electrical works and more.



Additional Information:

The bridge is in Park Nesher, over the river, Nahal Kti'a, a very popular tourist site so it required very careful and focused work to prevent damage to flora and fauna. The company was praised for carrying out the work without destroying the landscape and for causing zero environmental damage.




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