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Bridge over Nahal Besor

Bridge over Nahal Besor

The bridge is located near the Gaza Strip and used chiefly as a passageway for armored vehicles and tanks. The work included prefabricated concrete works, on-site casting and electrical and communication system work for lighting and traffic lights.



Client: Ministry of Defense


Supervision: Ministry of Defense


Starting Date: July 2006


Delivery Date: March 2007


Scope of Implementation: Approximately 8 million NIS


Location: Gaza perimeter road near Kibbutz Be'eri



Mode of Execution

Foundation work included casting piles, pole heads, two edge pillars and two middle pillars supporting a T-shaped main transverse beam, prefabricated channel beams placed on the prepared membranes, installing expansion joints over the edge pillars, casting the pavement and access plates. On both sides of the bridge, parapet walls made of reinforced concrete were cast in place with hand grips. Embedded light fixtures were installed in the walls and a special traffic signal system for tanks was also fixed in place.



More Details

Due to the location of the bridge – on the Gazan border – the company had to work with heavy security due to attacks on the vehicles. The staff and workers had to wear bulletproof vests on site at all times during the project.




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