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Boston House

Boston House

Boston House, in Hof Shemen, Haifa is a three-story, 2,600 m2 building housing industrial companies and offices. It is divided into a ground floor (Entrance Floor) and two regular floors. The core has two elevators, two stairwells, a floor protected area, bathrooms, kitchenettes and shafts to transfer the various systems throughout the building. The wings are designed for open space. The exterior finishing is a combination of screen walls and built walls coated with etched "Yiftakh" stone from the Galilee. Finishing work included an A/C system, acoustic ceilings and flooring in the core area.



Client: Matam


Supervision: Micah Barnea Engineering and Construction Ltd.


Starting Date: September 1995


Delivery Date: January 1997


Scope of Implementation: Approximately 9 million NIS


Location: Hof Shemen, 18 Heinrich Hertz St., Haifa




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