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Celebrating it's fiftieth anniversary this year, Shura Ltd. is one of the oldest, most stable and respected firms in the Israeli construction industry. After 20 years of experience as a site engineer and project manager, mainly as founder and director of the southern branch of the Ramet company, the late Eliezer Spira founded Shura Ltd. as a family business in Haifa in 1963.


In 1977, Shura welcomed Eliezer's eldest son, Aviad, then a young engineer with a degree in Civil Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Aviad worked at Shura for eight years before leaving for academia and eventually becoming a professor of construction engineering and management at the Technion.

Eliezer’s youngest son, Ehud, completed his Civil Engineering studies at the Technion in 1985 – majoring in construction engineering and management – and promptly joined the family business. For 20 years he accompanied his father in all aspects of his work, learning the job and living the company's ethics and values.

In 2003, after 60 years in the industry, Eliezer passed on the torch to Ehud, who continued the Shura tradition and enhanced its reputation for professionalism, attention to detail, and managerial integrity.

In 2005 Shura Ltd. established a managerial partnership with Gili and Yoel Azaria Ltd., and in late 2009 Ehud sold the majority of ownership of the company to Gili and Yoel Azaria.



Nowdays Shura Ltd. is a subsidiary of Gili and Yoel Azaria Ltd. and controlled by the Oron Group, which as of 5.2015 is a public company traded in Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, controlled by the Azaria brothers.

In 2011 Shura Ltd. established, together with the engineer Arik Levi, and under his management,  a new comany called Pamco engineering Ltd., which deals with comlicated geotechnical works.


The company's headquarters are located in the Caesarea Business Park (South).

Shura Ltd. is registered in the Contractors' Registry under the following classifications: C-5 (unlimited) in the building section (100), C-5 (unlimited) in the bridges section (300), and C-3 in the infrastructure, roads and development section (200). 

Shura Ltd. meets ISO 9001 Standard requirements and has the approval of the Standards Institution of Israel.

The inter-ministerial committee working with contractors on government projects officially classifies Shura as a Recognized Contractor under construction classification C-5 100, bridges classification C-5 300, and roads classification C-3 200.




For over 50 years Shura has completed dozens of projects for government ministries (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Construction and Housing), government companies (Department of Public Works - The National Roads Authority, Israel Railways, Israel Electric Corporation), municipalities, industrial plants, academic institutions (Technion, Haifa University), private companies, and more.



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